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What is Kairos?

Whether you're into sharing world-changing ideas, engaging with thought leaders, learning from experts, or discovering new opportunities, there's a mentorship community on Kairos for you.

See how Kairos allows you to connect, learn, and collaborate like never before!

Unlocking new and interesting opportunities...
The Internet is a treasure trove of talented people | Discover, connect and build meaningful relationships

Our mission is to champion the bond of human connection and development.

To help people truly connect and be themselves; to create an inclusive, safe, inspiring, and authentic community where everyone can be heard; to build a legacy of meaningful relationships; to give back and help those in need.

Our community allows you to be more and do more!

Kairos gives you the power to communicate directly with anyone and contribute to community groups in one place
Members can engage with others across a range of fun, thoughtful, and passionate groups
Groups vary across a wide range of engaging and topics
Members can submit new groups that they would like to see made available
Chat privately with other members easily using text or audio
Search the community, Comment, Like, Tag other members within posts
Add photos, videos, files, GIFs, to make your post unique and more visible

Our Values

Within our community, in everything we do, we live these values​
Connecting with dignity, mutual respect, compassion, and understanding
Building a safe, inspiring, and knowledgeable community where people can express themselves freely
Creating meaningful relationships that help fulfill our lives and make us better people
Giving back to help those in need and spreading positivity in people's lives
/ˈkīräs/ noun
a propitious moment for decision or action

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